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Not so long ago on a Greek area much, distant, a lesbian poet known as Sapphos amused gorgeous females and penned them love poetry.

That area, Lesbos, is when the phrase


originates from. Yes, this poet was thus amazing that she coined the term for females whom like ladies.

On the next occasion you are in one of these brilliant circumstances, sext Sapphos’ poetry to your partner and watch all of them fade at your feet.

Once you realize that your girl tend to be #RelationshipGoals:

Chances are you’ll forget about but

without a doubt

this: somebody in

some future time

will think about all of us

Once you finally have actually a one-night stand together with your crush:

Even while,

trust in me,

We prayed all of our evening would last twice as long

Whenever a woman is striking on you:

Just environment, these terms, but tasty to listen.

According to the site:

If you see your own crush the very first time:

And she outshines the women of Lydia

due to the fact rose-fingered moonlight at sundown

surpassing the performers

When you want to phone your partner but I have nothing to even say:

Exactly what are not stated are going to be wept.

When sex together with your crush is not since fantastic when you envisioned:

You came, I yearned obtainable,

and you cooled my senses that burned with need

Once gf claims, « It is over. »

I recently genuinely wish to perish

She, sobbing a lot of rips, kept myself

When you’re tipsy but need pin the blame on your own tipsiness on love:

Again Love, that loosener of limbs,

bittersweet and inescapable, running thing,

seizes me.

Whenever you learn she’s a person:

No honey personally

when it comes with a bee

Whenever you believed your ex-girlfriend changed, nevertheless happened to be completely wrong:

Love is actually a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables.

When she gives you four orgasms in a row:

I’ll leave my body system flow like liquid within the gentle pillows.

Whenever you lack money nevertheless still have really love:

From all offspring in the earth and heaven

really love

is considered the most precious.

As soon as mind’s telling you no, however your body’s telling you indeed:

I Really Do maybe not know very well what to accomplish –

My personal mind’s in 2.

If you want the love to sit and face you and scatter the grace within her sight:

Stand and deal with myself, my personal love, and scatter the elegance inside sight.